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Pick Up & Delivery Service

wash & fold service

bed spread & comforter clean

Dry cleaning & laundry

shoes clean & repair

Clothes repair & altaration

Leather bag & jacket care

carpet & rug clean

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Prepare Dirty Clothes Prepare all your dirty clothes and wait for the driver to come to collect them.
Step 2: We Pick Up – Our driver will come to collect your clothes at your convenience.
Step 3: We Clean or Repair – We will clean or repair your items professionally.
Step 4: We Deliver – We deliver your clothes and you can make the payment.

Say Goodbye To Those Old Laundry Days

If you lead a busy life, doing laundry yourself all the time becomes a hectic task. It gets extremely difficult to take time out of your busy schedule to wash your clothes.

So, in order to make your life simpler and more accessible, we have created a platform where you can get highly professional and top-class cleaning & laundry services.

Now, you can freely spend your spare time with your loved ones or do some recreational activity without even stressing about laundry problems. We are here for providing you with clean clothes at defined schedules without any pressure.

English Speaking Customer Service & Reasonable Price

24 hour laundry near me

The way you dress and care about your cleanliness sends a message about you to all the people around. People start building their assumptions based on your appearance and personality.

So, while heading out for your work, you should always try to wear clean clothes in order to create a good impression about yourself.

We work with the mission of simplifying the life for you. We always strive to provide trusted and professional laundry services because our customer’s satisfaction is our first and foremost priority .

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