11 Ways of remove mold stains from the clothes that you can try at home

remove mold stains

Clothes with mold stains is sometimes an annoying thing that bothers people, and no matter you try heavy wash or dry under the sun, its still not necessarily to remove that annoying mildew. Try the following 11 ways of remove mold stains from the clothes that you can try at home:

1, Put the clothes under the sunlight exposure, and then brush the mold, then using a little alcohol washed, bean sprouts or green scrub clean back and forth.

2, Put the clothes soaked in soapy water into the thick rear, with soapy water out, dry under the sun , soaking several times and dry under the sun, After mildew cleared, and then rinse with water. Of course, this way of doing was too much trouble.

4, 5% ammonia or turpentine at wiping mildew, wash with water.

5, mildew silk clothing more difficult to get rid of, you could wash it with citric acid and then with cold water washing.

6,For the hemp fabric mildew stains, Easy Life laundry has the solution for remove it.

7, the stain on the wool can also be cleaned with a solution of mustard or borax solution.

8, it can be placed first clothing concentration of 3% salt water soak a few minutes, rinse with water wash, then washed with detergent, rinse with water and finally several time of washing.
9, To remove perspiration mildew, new stains can be washed with a soft brush to the surface mildew, then alcohol wipe, go in the old stains, it can be applied to dilute the stain Lye or dilute ammonia, and then be instantly scrub, silk, wool and blended fabrics perspiration mildew on the available citric acid, alcohol solution washed
10, 84 with a rinsing solution or disinfectant on the line, to be diluted in a little water and wash.

11,Using the liquid bleach stains and detergent mix, soaking the clothes for 30 minutes to 2 hours, then scrub clean, rinse with water after clean.

12, Using oil to the king, ammonia, detergents red and blue ink by a 2 to 1 ratio with 2, doubled the warm water for 20-30 minutes, then scrub that is a little

Mildew can be removed.

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