5 Ways to Make Laundry Easier in Shang Hai

laundry shanghai

Shanghai is the most populous city in China and in the world; you can only imagine what the laundry situation is there. 

One cannot help but wonder how the locals there deal with laundry. Is hand washing more popular than the use of washing machines, and what is the system of laundry being used there? 

Well given the climate of the area being known to be mostly mild and moist, hand washing would definitely be a nuisance especially when it comes to drying the laundry which involves hanging them outside to be dried by the sun. 

This can bring a number of problems such as the weather especially during the winter. But there is no problem that cannot be solved by using proper strategies that are effective in such situations to ensure an easy life laundry for the people of Shanghai. Here are five ways to make laundry easier in Shanghai.

For those who hand wash their laundry, a dryer can be used to dry the clothes instead of hanging them out to dry. This is advisable especially when the weather is not favorable for hanging the clothes outside. 

Also, Shanghai being a populous city, the housing is planned in a way to accommodate the residents and it being a populous town then space becomes an issue meaning you will probably be hanging your clothes in awkward places, like your balcony or even in a public area that leaves your clothes exposed to everyone passing by.

The use of washing machines can make doing laundry easier as it saves on hand washing, which is a time consuming activity and so much energy is used because of the plumbing problems that are common in shanghai. 

But where one wants to hand wash their laundry, a do it yourself rack can come in handy for hanging small items like socks and handkerchiefs that do not require a washing machine.

Another easy life laundry trick is to make laundry easier in shanghai is in doing the laundry itself.

 When sorting clothes while doing laundry, labeled baskets come in handy where one can sort the colored clothes from the whites so that they are not washed together as the colored could discolor the whites

When it comes to ironing, a pull out ironing board is good especially where there is no space to put an ironing board stand. One can also make a padded ironing area on the counter top of the washing machine to save space

Lastly, for the lost socks, since these are very common, one can put up a lost socks board that can help in finding the partner socks


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