6 care tips for leather jacket cleaning

The length of time worn a leather clothes has no direct relationship with the price!If we don’t know how to take good care of it, it will shorten the lifespan of your lovely leather jacket.Not only will the color fade, but the cortex will also be oxidized and if the care is not good, the leather clothes will be worn out soon!

If you want your leather jacket always looks like now, there are 5 tips you have to be careful as following:

  1. Dry cleaning leather clothes at least once a year;
    Because the material of the genuine leather, the same as human skin, we need regular care in order to keep the leather moisten to avoid cracking by the daily air dry or oxygenation.If we didn’t apply moisten for the leather, it will become cracking and very hard to recover .
  2. no water touched on the leather
    We need to avoid any water touched on the leather coat and if its happen by accident, we must dry it immediately after getting wet.Especially if the leather is caught by the rain is wet, make sure to dry with a soft towel.After dried, send it to the dry cleaner as soon as possible.
  3. The leather garment cannot be folded;
    Hang up when you’re not wearing it.If folded up, the wrinkles will occur.So hang it when you’re not wearing it.When hanging, try to hang with a professional strapless hanger, so that the skin and shoulders will have no wriknles.
  4. Avoid cleaning with the folk remedies;
    Legendary wind oil, toothpaste,or buy a leather conditioner, etc.After using these products, it is easy to corrode leather fabric, and the corroded fabric can hardly be restored to its original shape.
  5. Professional leather garment care needs eight processes;
    Before the eight nursing process, the professional leather cleaning agent should be cleaned and the professional dry cleaning agent has a special solution to the oil.The washed fur is very clean.After washing, eight more processes are used to care.The eight processes include glazing, making hand feel, nourishing, removing static electricity, making dust-proof, coloring, bright and solid color treatment.There is a gap between the procedures and each process.So the washing time is usually about a week.
  6. the conclusion: to keep your leather items looks good and clean, a professional dry cleaning company is highly recommend.

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