Our Service

Easy Life Laundry offers its quality cleaning and repair services to you so that you do not have to stress over cleaning your clothes every other day.   Our trained and experienced staff always provides valuable service to help you save time and energy.

Door to door Pick up Deliver

Our professional customer service will arrange driver come to pick up your clothes. We do our best to provide same-day service or next day on all orders so that you never have to wait long to get your precious laundry back.

Wash & fold Service By Pound

Wash fold service by weight only including: t-shirt, polo shirt, underwear, socks, towels, pajamas, exercise shorts, kids clothes and bed sheet.Providing you with great peace of mind every time.

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service

We offer top-class dry cleaning service in Shanghai and ensure you to protect the quality, shape, and style of your clothes by using high-quality dry cleaning products.them.

Expert Alterations & repair

Do you need something hemmed or altered in some way, either for a special occasion or for everyday use? Then we can help! We have experienced professionals who can handle all types of alteration jobs.

Shoes Clean & Repair

Shoes that are cleaned, shined, and which don’t have any holes or tears in them say a lot about you … they say you care about how you look. If your shoes are in any way less than desirable, give us a call so we can remedy the situation fast.

Press/Ironing Only Service

Some people simply want us to iron their clothing and nothing else, and we can do that as well. We use professional equipment and products so that no wrinkle is ever left untackled!

Bedspread & Comforters

People don’t clean bedspreads and comforters very often, which means they can get very dirty in the meantime. You can trust us to provide you with bedspreads and comforters that are expertly cleaned and sanitized every time.

Carpet & Area Rug Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your carpet can extend the life of that carpet by quite a bit. When we’re done with the work, your carpets will look better, smell better, and even feel better every time you walk across them.

Leather Cleaning & Repair

Working with leather products requires an expert, but we can help you get your leather looking and feeling better in no time. We’ll give your leather items a new lease on life and have them looking better than they have in years.

Bag Clean & Repair

We also provide valuable tips and instructions to retain your leather bags for a long time. We take pride in taking care of our customers so that they are always flawlessly and properly dressed


Toys Clean & Repair

Does your child have a favorite teddy bear that looks like it has gone through the wringer? Not to worry, because we can have it repaired and cleaned sooner than you think, and at a much less expensive price than you were prepared for.

24 hour laundry near me

6 hours express Service

From the time we picked up your clothes until we delivered your cleaned clothes only needs 6 hours, isn’t this sounds great?

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