The Safety Products for Dry Cleaning in 2022

The Most Safety Products for Cleaning Clothes

Nowadays dry cleaning problem has gained media attention. The reason for that was that the environment around us and people’s health are getting worse and worse.

Have you ever taken your clothes to a professional dry cleaner?

The chances are really high that your clothes were cleaned with perc.

Fortunately, there is a way to clean your clothes without intoxicating workers and the environment around us.

It has been discovered that the reason for that was the thing called Perchlorethylene – the cheap chemical which “helps” us to clean our clothes.

Now our government came up with the regulations for the dry cleaning services. And most of them have switched to wet cleaning, which is the best option for the quality of our clothes. The safest dry cleaning products nowadays:


Perchloroethylene is a toxic chemical, classified as hazardous air. It can cause serious health risks like skin irritation and some allergic reactions.

Also, it leaves an unpleasant chemical smell. Nevertheless, it is widely used by laundry services in the dry cleaning process.


Nowadays there is a type of dry cleaning solvents called hydrocarbon dry cleaning. It used to be pretty dangerous, but today they are pretty safe.

Their high purity can be guaranteed too and the physical properties can also be carefully controlled, no

worries here. Hydrocarbons are sold under tight specifications which is good for us. They are on their increased safety and the explosive vapors are minimized.

So you can expect a safe choice of dry cleaning solvent from today’s hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbon solvent that we use nowadays is completely safe for the environment, as well as for customers’ and employees’ laundry service.

Hydrocarbons are also used in makeup, hand cleaners, lotions, and other cosmetic products.

So you can ask me why would you use hydrocarbons over the perchloroethylene?

I can answer. If you are Earth-friendly, love yourself and your family, be sure to ask the cleaning service if they use Hydrocarbons or perc.

Hydrocarbons are not only safe for your health they are also safe for the environment around you. They are safe for your family members and for our earth. By using hydrocarbons you can be sure that your clothes will not cause any health problems.

Also, you will not have any type of chemical smell of your clothes by using hydrocarbons.


Water cleaning is very similar to our clothes washing process.

You wash your clothes at home and let them hang dry.

Afterward, these clothes warp their shape. Therefore, we have to put them through the steam traps. After that, our clothes are back to their’s original shape.

At Easy life dry cleaning, we have changed our dry cleaning products into Hydrocarbons, although it cost more, it is worth doing it.

We need to conquer our efforts to reduce perks. from our lives.
Remember to go to a green cleaner next time when you need a dry cleaning service.

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