The right way to clean clothes that the machine seller would never told you

When it comes to clothes washing , presumably a lot of lazy people will accumulate many clothes and wash it together? Although this seems to saves time, the laundry detergent perhaps also the electricity bills, but if you know that in fact, the clothes did not clean well and this doesn’t meet your goal of cleaning clothes.The following several ways to wash clothes is often happened with many people, see what mistake you have ever made?

Laundry several mistakes:

1, soak a night after washing

Some elders used to put the washing clothes in the bucket soaked for a few hours, or even a whole night, they think the longer it soaked the stains will melt foam washed more cleaner. In fact, when the clothes soak for too long, the stains on clothing will be more prone to chemical decomposition, and cause odor, not only the sweat stains can not be removed, but also it will remaining on the clothes or inside the fiber,and will also shorten the life of the fabric. Generally speaking, if the clothes are dirty and need to soak, 15 minutes is enough.

2, The more detergent is the better

Many people may be had this habit , the more number of laundry detergent bubble, more clean it will be. In the setting of the washing time of the washing machine, if the laundry detergent put too much attached to the clothes, it will be more difficult to clean it thoroughly. And the clothes will still attached with the chemical detergent, this will cause the sensitive skin people has allergic reactions. Therefore, it is recommended that to follow the instructions of the machine maker for the details of the laundry detergent should be use.

3, Wash many clothes together

Modern life is busy, some people wash three or five days clothes at a time has been very frequent. But this acumulative to a certain number of ways to do a wash, in fact, will only make the clothes more dirty.
Because of the hot weather, perspiration residue on the clothes, and then often contact each other easily , or even moldy pollution. Secondly, to accumulate a large number of laundry, laundry detergent can not have the clothes fully exposed to. In addition, clothing, socks and personal clothing if wash together, may make the dirty socks spread more bacteria to other clothing.
The most recommended way to wash is a washing up to 70% of the washing capacity, so that the washing machine has enough space to run the washing. Socks and personal clothing should be washed separately, to avoid bacteria attached to personal clothing and hurt sensitive skin.

4, didn’t hang up after washed

This is the most important point, a lot of people clean the clothes in the morning, and hanging the clothes in the evening when their back to work, and the wet clothes often put in the washing machine is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, the best time to hang out the clothes in the second half after the washed up, if the clothing in the washing machine for more than one or two hours, it is best to wash again.

Clothing is one of the most closest friend to the human body, to protect our own body, please remember not to make suck mistakes above. In addition to remember, after washing the clothes, better open the lid, leaving the washing machine air dry and cover up, not only to protect our washing machine but also good for our health.

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