Where to do laundry while travailing in Shang Hai?

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It is important for you to know how to do laundry while travailing if you want to avoid feeling dirty and stinky. Different parts of the world approach laundry cleaning in different ways. 

You need to be familiar with your options in order to adapt to the changing environments.So, how should you clean laundry when traveling?

 What preparations should you make?


Unless you are traveling in a country where laundry services are fully assured, you should always pack to allow for international travel.Ensure that your clothes are light and can be dried easily where possible. 

Also, pack clothes that can be cleaned not just using washing machines but manually as well.When packing, ensure you select clothes that do not get dirty easily. That way, you can wear them multiple times before you have to wash them.

Ensure that you have enough changes of clothing that are essential like underwear and socks. You will need to have extras just in case getting your clothes cleaned is a problem.

Do not assume that you will be able to get cleaning resources in all countries that you visit. Pack laundry supplies such as detergents, stain removers, multi-purpose rope that can be used to hang clothes and even a fabric softener if possible. 

Your laundry will be much easier to clean if you are prepared for any eventualities.

How to do laundry while traveling

Manual washing

When you have no other choice, be prepared to wash your clothes manually. You can use a sink or tub, pour some water and detergent in, soak your clothes a little and manually wash them. This option is great for smaller clothing like socks, underwear, and handkerchiefs.

However, if you are far from more convenient laundry services and have no change of clothing, you can manually wash what you will need until you find them.


In some countries, even where there are no formal laundry services, there are usually washerwomen and even men. 

These people usually take clothes from clients, wash them, watch over them as they dry, and then return them to their clients. You will then pay them for their services.

Hiring professionals to wash your clothes manually is much better than washing them yourself. Just make sure that you do not hand over pieces of clothing like underwear to avoid offending anybody. You really want to avoid trouble in that regard.

Laundry services

You need to be on the lookout for convenient laundry services offered by professional companies. These services could be available from your accommodation facilities or on an independent basis. 

Laundry services of this kind simply require you to hand over your clothes, and wait for them to be returned to you clean, dry, and ironed. The money charged is usually fair in comparison to the convenience you will enjoy.

While there is need for you to learn how to do laundry while travailing, there is no doubt that professional laundry services are the best.

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